Day 1: 10 Days of Tempting

To celebrate Tempting the Billionaire's ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY, I'm giving away BOOKS! But not just MY books, other fantastic author's books, too! Every day from 1/8 through 1/17, I'll run a contest for THAT DAY ONLY and the winner will get an autographed paperback of Tempting the Billionaire AND an eBook from the author I've chosen. 



For the first day of the giveaway, I was going to give away a book that I bought for myself, but then my mom stole it from me to read first. She tells me ROWDY is great. :P But, fear not! Lori suggested her newest release instead: JAMIE. It’s a reissue with a new cover. (I approve.) AND there’s an additional chapter! How cool is that? Not only can you win an autographed copy of Temping the Billionaire from me, I’m also going to send your ereader a copy of JAMIE!

How do you enter? Simple. 1) Like my Facebook page 2) Share the post for the giveaway!  I’ll be drawing the winner tomorrow and giving away the next book then, too, so be sure and enter EACH and every day for the next 10 days! Don’t miss out!

International winners will be given both in e-Book form.

~Jess :)