Day 2 - Bad is the New Good

Welcome back to the Bad is the New Good giveaway week!

Every day this week, I'll be giving away books, books, and more books. It's my way of celebrating the release of Bringing Home the Bad Boy.

WHICH IS TODAY!!! (yay!)

BHtBB e-version

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FB Party Prizes 1.27.15

Today is the Facebook PAR-TAY...

BHtBB Release Party

...where you will get to hang out with TWELVE romance authors and enter to win books, books, and more books! PLUS, I'll be giving away a GRAND PRIZE (pictured below), as well prizes from a few authors who could not make it out tonight.

Here's a complete rundown of who will be there LIVE:

  •  Megan Mulry
  • Jen McLaughlin (Diane Alberts)
  • Jennifer Probst
  • Mira Lyn Kelly
  • Kate Meader
  • Violet Duke
  • Katee Robert
  • Jules Bennett 
  • Jennifer Chance (Jenn McGowan)
  • Shannon Richard
  • Rachel Lacey
  • Jeannie Moon
  • Maisey Yates

And sending presents in their absence:

  • Lori Foster
  • Lauren Layne


*You MUST comment on the event on Facebook to win.

 Can't wait to "see" you!

~Jess :)