Deadlines & Updates!


Businessman Overwhelmed with Paperwork

After two weeks of back to back (to back) deadlines, I have finally emerged from the editing cave! Huzzah!


lemmon.temptingthe billionaire.ebFirst, I completed proofs for Tempting the Billionaire for the mass market book due out in November. (Squee!) It'll have a $6.00 price tag according to the back of the book, and the cover will feature Ms. Heidi Betts's quote!

After I sent those in, I received copyedits for Hard to Handle just two days later.  hardtohandle_amazonCopyedits are the last edits (for the eBook anyway) so that means when my editor accepts them, that'll  be the version you get to read in September! :-)

THEN, as I was about to take a deep breath and dig into Darynda Jones's latest book, I received copyedits for my novella, Can't Let Go, the prequel to Hard to Handle, coming in October. So I finished those up and said good-bye to Aiden (for now). I'm gonna miss him. :-(

 BUT, that also means I get to work on my next project: a third book in the Love in the Balance series. Yep! You heard correctly. I'll be continuing the journey with Aiden's oldest ad exec brother, Landon, who lives in Chicago. Here's what we know about him:

1) He's a millionaire
2) He's a hottie (duh)
3) He's (SPOILER)...

Oops. Guess you'll have to wait to find out number three! For now, I'm happily escaping the editing cave and lurking into the writing cavern.

Have you added the Love in the Balance books to your Goodreads page?  :mrgreen:

~Jess :-)