Excerpt & Giveaway!

HardtoHandleIn book 2, HARD TO HANDLE, Aiden gives up everything, including Sadie, to care for his dying mother. Here's an excerpt:


Aiden met her eyes. Pools of green swimming in unshed tears. Sadie’s heart cracked when she thought about what he had gone through in the last year. He’d put his life on hold to move his mother to Oregon, invested nearly all he had left to pay for her continuing treatment. How long had he been setting aside his own wants and needs? Harmony certainly hadn’t had a problem betraying him. And the strength it must have taken for him to stand firmly against his family and fight for his mother…

In a blink, she saw Aiden very clearly. Saw his abundant love for others, his deep compassion for people. His kindness. His unbreakable spirit.

Was it any wonder she’d fallen in love with him a year ago?

“God, Aiden,” she whispered, stroking her fingers through his hair. The tears came and Sadie stopped trying to quell them. “I’m so sorry. I’m sorry for all of it.” 


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~Jess :)