FILE: The Plot Thickens

Hello writers!

When I sat down to think through how I was going to start writing Asher's book, I found myself wishing I had a bullet-list style form. I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for on the interwebs--too many of them were complicated, or several pages long, or done in boxes drawn together with lines and arrows.

Uhh. No, thanks. 8-O

So, I designed one to suit my needs. It had to be:

  1. Pretty.
  2. Printed.
  3. Plotable. (Not a word, but I needed one more "P". Work with me, here.)

So I give you: THE PLOT THICKENS! My scene idea form. I jotted down all the scenes knocking around in my head, and even used the "Don't Forget" circle to write down the theme/feeling I wanted to give the book. The blank box at the bottom left was used for overflow as well as tracking the ages of Lyon and other characters' children--darn babies! You have to age them up as they do grow. What a pain.  :roll: 

So here you are! I give you: THE PLOT THICKENS. A loose, adaptable, easy-peasy form. Think of it as a To-Do list for writing your book.

Click here to download and print:

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 1.50.44 PM

The Plot Thickens

Happy writing!

~Jess  8-)