Friday Feast: Beard or no?

I've been a fan of long hair on guys (see: Eddie Vedder, Johnny Depp) for as long as I can remember. But it's only  been recently I've also started seeing beards as...well...sort of sexy. I blame motorcycle show Sons of Anarchy. I mean, LOOK: 

SOA jax

Once I got sucked into the show, and Jax Teller, I knew I'd found my visual inspiration for Aiden Downey, my hero from Love in the Balance book 2: Hard to Handle. In the book, he's got "scruff" to go with his (mini-spoiler!) varying lengths of hair, but if the masses would accept the full on beard like Charlie Hunnam is sporting, I'd totally let him grow it out. Alas, romance readers may not share my affinity for facial follicles, so scruff it is. 


What do you think? Did I make the right decision on beardless Aiden?




 Aiden Downey rolls into town with a motorcycle full of bad memories, not the least of which is his failed relationship with Sadie Howard.

When fate has them working side by side, Aiden knows the plucky blonde is one challenge he can handle.

There’s only one problem: Sadie has decided never ever to get hurt again and that puts Aiden at the tippy-top of her to-don’t list.