Fun Times at the 2013 Reader Author Get Together!

So many conferences, so little time!

RATG 2013

The Reader Author Get Together was this past weekend, which was SO much fun. Unlike RT, RAGT was a quick 3-day event. Also unlike RAGT, I didn't spend ten hours in a car to get there. Though, I did have the most fortunate experience of getting to hang with my RT roomies Maisey Yates and Teri Anne Stanley! YAY! And, bonus, I got to sleep with--erm--share a room with Macy Beckett, author of the hot Sultry Springs series.

I also brought home like, eight more books, therein adding to my burgeoning (snicker) TBR pile.

Here's a little scrapbook of events:

The anthology animal attraction (all proceeds go to animal shelters so run and buy a copy right now!), my moose (don't ask), and a Starbucks Grande Caramel Macchiato, soy milk,  no whip.  :-P 

RAGT13 Animal Attraction

On my very best behavior at the digital signing Friday night. Thanks to all of you who took a button and a bookmark, and those of you who stopped by to say you loved the book!  :-D

RAGT13 Signing table

Good behavior part 2: meeting Darynda Jones (author of the Charley Davidson series, eeeeeee!!!!)

RAGT with Darynda

Good behavior part 3: Blogger/fan Anna Cade of Herding Cats and Burning Soup (click HERE for the awesome-tastic review for Tempting the Billionaire!). She was so sweet, saying she was trying not to fan girl on me.

(To which I responded by then fan-girling on her.  :lol:)RAGT with herding cats anna Cade

After all that good behavior, I was tired of behaving. So this happened... (with Lori Foster's heroes. YAWR.)

RAGT cardboard cutout


And I posed in this picture with the amazingly fabulous Heidi Betts! (Well, her head, anyway.) I love Heidi (and her head), even more since she offered a fabulous cover quote for Tempting. Thanks, Heidi!)

RAGT with Heidi Betts head

All in all, a FABULOUS weekend. I wish I would have gotten pictures with everyone, but I didn't! I had so much fun meeting everyone, though!

See you all next year!

lemmon.temptingthe billionaire.eb


 “A smashing debut! Charming,sexy, and brimming with wit–you’ll be adding Jessica Lemmon to your bookshelves for years to come!” ~USA Today bestselling author Heidi Betts