Hachette and Amazon...What Readers Need to Know

So the proverbial sh!t hit the fan last Friday for authors who were pubbed by Hachette (Grand Central/Forever). I am one of them, having four titles with Forever, as well as three upcoming titles in 2015. If you haven't yet heard of the scuffle, there is postulating on the internet from almost every blogger and interested/involved party, taking sides and/or suggesting what each company could do to resolve this. There are statements from both sides as well; Amazon and Hachette issued new statements recently...and both of them say these negotiations will not be over any time soon.

*le sigh*

But what REALLY matters to you, the reader? Well, first, let me tell you what it means for the books you may want to buy. I'll talk about mine here, since that's the easiest and most relatable way to do it. It means

Amazon is not allowing pre-orders

This means that THE MILLIONAIRE AFFAIR and BRINGING HOME THE BAD BOY (paperback or ebook) cannot be preordered through Amazon. They CAN however be pre-ordered through every other bookseller, but if you have a Kindle and want a preorder, that's not going to work. In fact, there is no Amazon page for my books that aren't out yet, it just says "error". :(

Mass Market and Audible versions are available, but no Kindle until June 24.

Amazon is suggesting you buy something other than Hachette

This has to be the most frustrating thing they've started doing. And it's not just me, but for every Hachette published author. Take James Patterson, for example. There is a banner above his books showing you similar books for a lower price. The books are non-Hachette books, and it breaks my heart that Amazon would try to steer people away from buying the books we authors work so hard to write.

How about something cheaper? Boo, hiss.


Until the negotiations are through, Amazon will make it harder for readers to find me, and impossible for readers to preorder my books. 

What can you do?

Sign up for my newsletter. I send 2-4 a year, and it's the easiest way for me to let you know what's new and in the works. The form is on the home page, HERE.

Keep reading! And if you want to preorder, you can purchase from Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, or independent retailers in your area. I feature MANY retailers on my books' pages here on this website. If Kindle is your preferred reading device (as it is mine), know that, at least for now, you CAN still read my books on Kindle. But for books that are not out yet, such as THE MILLIONAIRE AFFAIR and BRINGING HOME THE BAD BOY, you will have to wait until they are released to read. 

A huge thank you...

To readers who continue to read the books I write, and for all your kind words on how much you enjoy them, and for leaving reviews, which is hugely helpful to every author! During this mess, I'm keeping my focus on writing stories that will make you laugh, cry, and feel. I wasn't going to pipe up on this topic, but feel it's only fair you know what's going on. In my opinion, it's a shame that a company I have so much admiration for (Amazon) is limiting my ability to reach you guys.

The saga continues, but until then, I'll keep writing if you keep reading. Deal?

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~Jess :)