Happy National Potato Chip Day!

Was this holiday made for me or WHAT? I mean if you've read my official bio, you know I mention potato chips TWICE. I love those crispy, salty snacks! To celebrate today, I've listed some of my favorites:

Kettle Chips Jalapeno:

jalapeno chip

This was a recent try for me. In general, *all* the Kettle Chips kick some major butt and these were not disappointing. The perfect spicy accompaniment for any sandwich! :-)


lays classic

I don't think you can go wrong with a classic potato chip. Especially when there are three ingredients: potatoes, salt, oil. Their reduced salt kind is pretty darn good, too.


pringlesI know, I know. This is probably really controversial. Pringles are actually potato crisps but it doesn't make them any less of a contender in my book. Again, I love the Original or the reduced salt. And their slogan: Once you pop, you can't stop is SO TRUE. I can down a can of these in record time, and used to (frequently) when I was eighteen and had the metabolism of a caffeinated squirrel.



I would be remiss if I didn't mention our local chip company! MikeSell's makes a "Good n' Hot" that is loaded down with finger-staining paprika. Their slogan is "They ARE delicious!" For years whenever I was eating them, I'd say to my husband: "Wow, you know what?" To which he'd gamely answer, "What?" Then I'd grin and say, "They ARE delicious!" 

Unfortunately, he outsmarted me and no longer walked into my clever trap. But it's been a while...maybe I should resurrect that joke. ;-)

Now, go out there, and EAT SOME POTATO CHIPS TODAY!

What are your favorite kind of chips?