WOW!  I can't believe it's actually here!

hardtohandle_amazon_updateHard to Handle started out with a May release date. Then it was pushed to August. Then September.


I was pretty sure I might die in agony while waiting to give Aiden and Sadie to the world, but here we are! Confession: I love Aiden. He's an atypical hero in the romance world. He's a guy who's lost it all...who is determined to win everything back. In one scene in Can't Let Go, he proclaims he's an "unemployed 30-year-old who can't keep my wife in the marriage bed. Sexy, right?" Only it's that honesty, that vulnerability that draws Sadie in. And me too, quite frankly. Aiden has a lot of love to give and in Can't Let Go we see how much of a connection he and Sadie have...until Aiden faces a family crisis and simultaneously breaks poor Sadie's fragile heart.

In Hard to Handle, we finally get to see these two reunite, and attempt to navigate around each other. Sadie's a girl who's desperately trying to keep her wits about her, which, in my opinion, involves a whole lot of self-denial. And Aiden is just trying not to push her away too much more. Of course they find their way to happily ever after (I wouldn't do that to you more than once, I swear  :oops: ), and it's an HEA richly deserved.

*le sigh*

I really love these two. And I'm so, so happy they're finally out in the world. I hope you fall in love with them. And if you do, drop me a line. I'd love to talk about my sexy motorcycle riding hero and his curvy, sassy counterpart.

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