book coverIt's release day for Can't Let Go! And it's only the second release I've ever had, so don't you worry, I have the champagne chilling.  :mrgreen:

Let's all take a moment and admire just how pretty this cover is. le sigh 

Can't Let Go's official blurb is here, but I wanted to tell you something about the book you can't read in the blurb.

Like how this unassuming little novella stole a little piece of my heart and wedged it in between its cyber-pages. You see, when I wrote in Shane's best friend-slash-cousin in Tempting the Billionaire, I had no idea how much I'd fall for him. Of course, I fell for Shane first. (HELLO?! Cookie baking billionaire with childhood trauma! Sign me UP.)  :roll:

Where was I? Oh, right. Aiden.

I never expected Aiden to be much more than Shane's buddy,  someone to lively up the page and challenge Shane's misdirected thoughts. Then Aiden offered to "take one for the team" and flirt with a crying Crickitt in the nightclub and his story began. As you know, or as you can read in this excerpt, Shane stops him and pushes him toward Sadie.

Thus, their story begins.


When my amazingly brilliant editor (I MM900356605you, Lauren Plude!!!) suggested a prequel novella detailing what, exactly, happened between Aiden and Sadie in the background of Tempting, I thought I knew their story. I was wrong.

The truth was far more beautiful, and more devastating  than I'd imagined.

Since this is a prequel, the end of this novella *may* not be what you expect. It's not all rainbows, hearts, and kisses...though there are some kisses (just none in a heart under a rainbow as illustrated above :lol:  )

But I promise to show you that Aiden and Sadie had it good. Really good. And then I promise to tell you the aching, sensual, unflinching truth. I will further promise you a satisfying ending in Hard to Handle should you wish to follow their journey, and if you find Aiden and Sadie's stories as fulfilling to experience as I did to write them.

Either way, I adore this couple. I'm thrilled to let them go and share their love story with the world.book cover

~Jess  :-)

Can't Let Go is .99 cents wherever ebooks are sold.

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