Harlequin Junkie Top Pick!

TMA HJ Top PickI've wanted to be a Harlequin Junkie Top Pick since the moment I found out about Harlequin Junkie. I used to read the reviews and wish to see that banner over my cover someday.

Well, Landon and Kimber MADE IT!!!

I'm proud to share an excerpt from Harlequin Junkie's 5-star Top Pick review, and if you'd like to read the article in its entirety, I'll include the link below.

"With a lot of inner and romantic conflict, Jessica brings us a book you won’t want to miss in The Millionaire Affair! Her characters are strong and as fast as the relationship moves, it is believable. I really enjoyed all of the pieces of both Landon and Kimber and how Jessica managed to fit them together so well as their relationship grew. Kimber was easy to like with her nervous energy and hilarious chatter, especially when she’s around Landon. She doesn’t have a lot of confidence in herself in romantic relationships though, and at times it was frustrating that she was taking advice from people who had no business giving it! She wants to follow her heart, but is scared to. Landon had a terrible experience with his college girlfriend that has tainted every part of his future since then. He was a bit more of a puzzle, coming from a loving family with lots of examples of great relationships, he focuses on the one that was not great. While I can understand he went through a horrible experience, it was at times frustrating that he let it define every relationship he had since. So much so that when he does start feeling much more than he ever wanted to again, he just doesn’t know what to do! Jessica makes their romantic journey touching, realistic, and entertaining.

Click for full review.

Thank you, HJ! I'm honored.

~Jess :)