If Lucy Fell

 I’ve been plotting a new book I’m nicknaming Reluctant Farmboy. In it, I’m attempting to write a romance trope I’ve never written before: friends to lovers. Sounds easy, right? Sweet, even. A couple who wasn’t ever a couple meets again and suddenly there’s this charge in the air…this spark that wasn’t there before…

Yeah, well, this isn’t easy for me for some reason.

Enemies to lovers? BRING IT ON.

Strangers to lovers? NO PROBLEM.

But the tension in this book is…different. I find myself worrying if I’m able to pull it off.

Which is exactly why I’m writing it.

Feel the fear and do it anyway...right?

Recently I watched one of my favorite movies, If Lucy Fell, and realized…hey *this* is a friends to lovers movie! I love this movie! I watch it every winter (the movie takes place over the month of February).  In it, our hero, Joe MacGonaughgill (Eric Schaeffer) has been harboring a five-year crush on his neighbor Jane (Elle MacPherson) who he’s never talked to. Meanwhile, his best friend and roommate Lucy has been dating but refuses to commit. Throw into the mix a “Death Pact” (you heard me) and a loopy, bizarre painter named Bwick Elias (played brilliantly by Ben Stiller) and you get, oddly enough, a movie with a ton of heart and a memorable HEA.

Ready to track down If Lucy Fell and watch it for yourself? (Fair warning: it may be hard to find. I had to buy a movie 3-pack at Big Lots! with a few other SJP movies in it that I pitched.)

Here’s a link to the movie’s trailer!

If Lucy Fell