I was going through some of the artwork readers had created, the photos they'd pulled as inspiration for characters of mine and it hit me.

This career is amazing.

Mary Ruth BHTBBartwork by Mary Ruth Baloy

The fact that I wrote something from my brain and someone else felt inspired to do something creative after reading it is the best art-transfer experiment ever.

Maybe it's because I can relate. So inspired was I after reading Twilight, that I drew pictures, bought T-shirts, watched the movie a zillion times. And while I didn't write fan fiction, I did get the writing bug. It bit and bit hard. I changed my career because of those books! I "rewrote" the story of my life because of the way Stephanie Meyer made me feel. She opened up a world that launched a new world for me.

Walmart RTBBWalmart pic courtesy of Traci Westling

And to be able to replicate that, even on a small scale is incredible. To receive pictures of my books in the store, or readers holding the book I sent them, or to get gifts from someone who was moved by the See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil chimps in Tempting the Billionaire...


I have to say, inspiring others with my art to in turn create art, is one of the greatest gifts on this planet.

Never before have I felt so blessed and connected.

Thank you, readers!
~Jess  :-D