It's coming...

It's me! On a book!

Tempting 200x300

We are just ONE WEEK AWAY from seeing Tempting the Billionaire out in the wild!

It's hard to believe it's been almost an entire year since Shane and Crickitt's story came out! While there have been paperback copies available for special order online, this is what's known as the "mass market" release, and is the version that will be in stores. That means it'll have my photo in it and everything! (I'm so easily amused.) What's even more amusing is that my brother took that fabulous photo and gets mentioned there on the edge. The parents are thrilled to have famous kids.

Word on the street (and their website) is that Tempting the Billionaire will be at SAM'S CLUB. If you want to make my day, be sure and post a photo to Facebook or Twitter sharing that photo. And if you are feeling super sweet with a cherry on top, you can even PRE-ORDER the book now.

Here's the links in case that's the kind of person you are.   :lol:


And before you go...answer me this: If you are a Sam's Club shopper, what does one do with a five-gallon jar of mayonnaise?   8-O

~Jess :)