It's Monday...again...

I think I just realized that. *blink blink*

I blame my dogs, who woke Mr. Lemmony and myself in the middle of the night by barking their fool heads off at everything. Or, as it turned out, nothing.  :evil: By morning, I realized that yes, I had indeed fallen back to sleep, and NO, I didn't relish the idea of getting out of bed.  :-?

So, after sitting on my couch, bleary-eyed, sipping on coffee, and playing Hay Day on my iPad toiling away on my latest novel, I have come to three conclusions.

1) Today requires more coffee.

2) Applesauce cake makes an excellent breakfast


3) This picture I found on Pinterest

There. That helps. (some)  :twisted:

What about you? Are you awake today?
~Jess  :mrgreen: