Kick Cupid to the Curb Week

You create characters--from your heart, your soul, your depths and what do they do? They take over your social media and--

*shuffles as Sadie Howard steals the keyboard*

Hi all!

Sadie Howard here. You may recognize me as the best friend from:

Tempting 200x300

Or the heartbroken heroine from:

book-cover-186x300Let's stop there. You know, my happily ever after came eventually but not before this unhappily ever after. I wanted it WAY sooner, just so you know. I'm impatient. And have great style. But Ms. Lemmon *shoots narrow glare* saw it fit to put me through the wringer. So I'm gladly taking control of her social media (read: Facebook/this announcement) during Valentine's Day because sometimes this holiday is a big ole bag of SUCK.

image (9)So there.

Let's have some fun. Give away gifts. Talk about boys. Come see me and together, we'll:

image (11)

~Sadie  :twisted: