Millionaires Can Be Bad Boys, Too...

Landon proves he's willing to fight for Kimber.

Here's a little peek at Landon's run-in with Mick, Kimber's ex, from The Millionaire Affair (Out now! No worries, spoilers removed!)

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Landon gripped the shopping bag, his fingers numb, his vision blurred by a sea of red at the sight of the guy kissing Kimber. Had to be her ex. He’d heard enough about him to know this guy had no problem eschewing basic decency.

And kissing Kimber, after Landon had made love to her days ago, was definitely indecent.

“I should have called.” Apparently.

“Yeah, you should’ve,” her ex said, taking a step toward the door.

“No.” She stayed his next step with a hand around his arm. Landon would like it if she stopped touching the tattooed, pierced dickweed altogether. “I’m glad you’re here,” she told Landon. It sounded like the truth. “Mick, why don’t you go help Neil in the store?”

“Yeah, Mick. Get to work.” He shouldn’t have, but he couldn’t help himself.

Mick met him at the door, a few paces from where Kimber was standing, and stopped short of scuffing Landon’s shoes. “Peddle your prissy ass elsewhere, millionaire. Let us common folk handle our business.”

Landon leaned in, marginally, but enough for Mick to move his chin back a fraction. “This is our business, Mick. You’re just a guy she used to date.”

He raised a finger, Landon presumed to poke him in the chest with it. If he did, Landon would break it. So help him, he’d snap the digit in two...


You know you want him. ;)


~Jess :)