Misc. Monday


But first: how was your St. Patrick's Weekend?MM900041122

I made these Falafel Sliders with Avocado Hummus (hey, avocados are green!) and OHMYGOLLY they were so delish. Especially with the  Tahini Sauce. *drool*  (Srsly, just looking at this photo makes me want to eat the screen.)

Falafel Sliders

Bellies full, we then hit the local pub to see our local band and drink some real (not green) beer.


I also opened up Amazon.com to see Tempting the Billionaire dancing around in not one but TWO of Amazon's Top 100 lists (woo-hoo!).

yay ranks 3.16.13

And, hmm...something else. OH RIGHT! I chose a winner of the ginormous Prize Pack for everyone who posted a B&N Review!

Pile O' Books

I randomly assigned the twenty-two contestants from my website, Facebook, and Twitter comments and then went to Random.com to enter the range into a generator.

Wanna know who's gonna be taking home the swag?

(...drum roll, please...)

The winner is...

Winner number 5



That's not helpful is it? ;-)

Okay, how about this:

MM900041121AUDRA LAMB!MM900041121



Woot! Congrats, Audra, you win a pile of Grand Central Forever books & bookmarks! YAY! I will, of course, be autographing the Tempting the Billionaire ARC for you. ;)

MM900172477Didn't win? You could always click here to enter
for an autographed ARC of Tempting the Billionaire.
That contest runs ALL WEEK! 

Thank you all for the reviews! It's so cool to see Tempting on those Top 100 lists, lets see if it stays there or (gasp!) goes up! (Fingers crossed!)

~Jess :)