Mother's Day Recap

I love it when family gatherings go well! 

There was delicious food, grandparents, beers, and pie. But there was also laughter. A lot of it.

I have to throw my mom under the bus just a little, because this will be one of the funniest things you read today. 

My brother took off his hat and my mom commented his hair resembled a certain famous actor's.

"You know... that one guy."

"What guy?" I ask.

"That guy, um. Oh... Gabriel Capriano."

Everyone at the table is now blinking in startled confusion and I can feel a smile creeping onto my face. "Who?"

My mom is now laughing, knowing she is getting this so wrong. But through her giggling, she manages, "That guy from the Titanic."












(scroll a bit more)




You mean THAT Gabriel Capriano.

I hope I spelled his name right...

~Jess  :lol: