Newsletter Signup Contest! 5/4-5/8

This contest is closed.


May 4: Rescuing

Jennifer V., Ohio

May 4: LitB set

Michele M., Ohio

May 5: Rescuing

Lynn A., Oregon

May 5: LitB set

Jackie M., Oregon

May 6: Rescuing

Mary Ruth B., Phillipines

May 6: LitB set

Ashley L., Oklahoma

May 7: Rescuing

Samantha D., Indiana

May 7: LitB set

Mary L., Ohio

May 8: Rescuing

Lisa W., Virginia

May 8: LitB set

Marcia W., Pennsylvania



Look at this big box of beauties I received today!!! I'm flexing my signing hand because all of these books will be going out, autographed, to WINNERS this week!


How do you get your paws on some of this loot, you ask?

Simple! My publisher Forever Romance is holding this contest for people who sign up for my newsletter. Better yet? Even if you're already signed up for my newsletter, there is something for you.

NEW to the newsletter?

Scroll to the top of this page to sign up for a chance to win an autographed SET of the LOVE IN THE BALANCE series! Get caught up with Shane, Aiden, and Landon in your very own three-pack of Jessica Lemmon books.



Refer a friend who becomes a new signup and get entered to win an autographed copy of RESCUING THE BAD BOY before it hits shelves! That means not waiting until May 26 to get Donovan into your hands.


1) To refer a friend, they must put your name down so we know who referred them, so we created this dandy form for you to fill out. Have them click HERE

2) Ask as many new-to-Jessica-Lemmon friends as you like to sign up, but no cheating! You can't sign up an additional email for yourself.

3) Winners will be drawn (10 newbies and 10 loyal Lemmon fans) at the rate of 2 a day and announced both here on this website and on my Facebook page. When it doubt, check both! 

Good luck!

~Jess ;)