No Guh-news is Good Guh-news...

...with Gary Gnu!  Does anyone remember that but me? 


Wow. That was *so* different from how I remember it when I was five years old. (Did you notice he said "guh-nevermind" hee hee!)


But sometimes some guh-news IS good guh-news, as was the case yesterday when an article ran in the Dayton Daily News featuring little ole me!

Life & Arts DDN 2.17.13

This is the front of the Life & Arts section featuring my photo...

Ttb DDN article 2.17.13

...and here is the article!

By the way, I never ever ever thought I'd see my picture in the paper. Such a cool moment to sit in bed Sunday morning and sip my coffee and read the interview (by the fabulous Sharon Short). 

And if you're having trouble making out all that "mice type" don't worry, you can read it online HERE.