Back Covers, Front Covers, and Publisher's Marketplace (OH MY!)

Hi All!

My what a busy week it was...or maybe that was two weeks kind of smooshed together. Life is a mash up of timelines--real and fictional--for me right now.

My poor brain. 

In case you missed it, here's the official deal announcement from Publisher's Marketplace
(click on the image to see a larger version!):





Aaaaaaand, there's also a back cover for Hard to Handle...well, the words anyway.

Click>>> HARD to HANDLE

Finally, the back cover for CAN'T LET GO, the prequel novella out September 3rd, is here as well.

The coolest thing about it (imho) is that I wrote it! My publisher changed it a wee tad (for the better) but it's essentially what I wrote! Added to the fact that I titled both HtH and CLG, and I am one happy writer.


Click>>> CAN'T LET GO







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book cover sneak peek





What's this?

It's a sneaky peek of the cover for CAN'T LET GO!

You lucky webernetter, you.

I'm revealing it TUESDAY in its full, complete loveliness.

Hmmmm.....what do you suppose is going on there?!