Pizza and Bad Boys

imageHi guys!

So, I've been wondering over the last month if there will be enough pizza in the world to get me through this next series. Yes, I am on deadline. Yes, this will be likely be the state of affairs until the day I die. So the goal is to try and get used to always having something due, and produce a series rather than end up in a padded cell with a few of my equally-crazed author buddies.

But I digress.

The Love in the Balance series will be ending (sort of) in June with The Millionaire Affair, but oh, have I a surprise for you. That is, if you haven't glommed onto the fact yet that Evan Downey (what would have been book 4) is the hero starring in book 1 of my new series, Second Chance, entitled BRINGING HOME THE BAD BOY.

He's back...and he's a tad different from his two brothers, Landon and Aiden, and his cousin Shane. Evan has recently left his tattoo business to illustrate a children's book for a rock star. Good work if you can get it, right? ;) He comes with baggage in the form of unresolved, late-night artistic fugue states (I'd never refer to his adorbs 7-year-old as "baggage"--Lyon is so awesome, I wish he were mine!), and the fact he's falling for the most inconvenient woman ever: his late wife's best friend, Charlie.

I hope you're ready for a bad boy with a twist, because I am toiling away to get him juuuust right for you.  And by toiling, I mean inhaling pizza, and trying not to have a nervous breakdown. Evan's more alpha than his three family members, but you all can handle that, right?

And, if you didn't know, you can preorder Landon's book NOW!

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8-) Jess