Reader Question Wednesday

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Today's question comes from Amy Allen:

Q: When you started writing did you write fully intending to be a published author?

 A: Yes.

Back in 2009, I read a little book called Twilight ;-) and was so moved by the books and the movie, and the fact that Stephanie Meyer (the author) had a dream, woke up, and wrote it down. Because of that dream, because of her words, she changed the world. I remember thinking: what a way to leave a mark! I'd always loved to write, and draw, and despite being in sales and administrative work, I knew deep in my gut a creative calling was where I belonged.

I wrote a bit about this a loooong time ago here and also have an entire section dedicated to future authors, if you want to read more.

Thanks for the question, Amy!

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~Jess :)

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