Seeing Double

Today our reader Q&A comes from Traci Westling who has been seeing double...


Last week, my friend Anne borrowed my copy of The Millionaire Affair and mentioned she'd discovered Jules Bennett has a cover that looks like yours. How does this happen? Do authors have a say in the covers chosen, or is it the publisher?


Ah, I know just the book you're talking about!




I guess you wouldn't believe me if I told you that Jules's heroine and mine have very similar taste in jewelry? ;)

Okay, okay, here's the real scoop. Some images are purchased from what's called "stock art". Since both publishers and self-published authors have access to these images, there are overlaps. The most stunning images tend to be used and reused (and I've seen the one above often), so it's up to the designer to give the image a different treatment to represent the author's brand.


My bad boy books are another story. The men on the covers are models photographed by my publisher, so those photos are unique to my cover. Unless the publisher decided to use those shots on another of their books, the duplication thing probably won't happen.

To answer the second part of your question, authors submit an art sheet describing our hero (& heroine) in detail, and the art department tries to come close to matching both the character and our specific author "brand", but when it comes to the final say, it's the publisher all the way.

Great question! 

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~Jess :)