Sons of Anarchy Returns

It comes as no secret how big a fan I am of Sons of Anarchy. Ever since I caught up with the episodes on Netflix, I have been a committed, committed fan. There's even a tie-in to one of my books, since Charlie Hunnam's beautiful face fit Aiden so perfectly.

If you've never seen the show, I'm not going to lie--it's brutal. Violent, frightening, and Jax Teller isn't a character you always support. But, oh, the characters. They drag you in and make you CARE about them. Make you forgive them even when they're being horrific.

This is the LAST SEASON of SOA, and I'm a combination of terrified and jittery with excitement to watch it. Looking forward to the night of the 90-minute premiere, I'm expecting to watch it the way I do a horror movie: between parted fingers covering my eyes.



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Mainly because last season's finale where Gemma did Tara in almost killed me. It was gut-wrenchingly REAL and sloppy, and just horrifying. (That being said, it was so epically memorable, I hid an Easter egg reference to it in my next book, so that'll be fun for you superfans to find.)


And Jax. OH JAX. When he cries... Seriously. HELP ME, RHONDA.

Jax crying

He's going to be a hot mess this season, I just know it. And knowing the show's creator, Kurt Sutter, has no problem reaching into my chest and tearing out my still-beating heart, I'm so very scared about what I might see.

What about you? Do you watch SOA? Are you watching the premiere on September 9? If so, buckle in for the 90-minute ride of your life. And if you haven't seen the minute-long trailer, here it is. Watch at your own risk.

~Jess 8-O