Such a Tease

News, a teaser, and a secret, OH MY!


book coverBy now, I hope you've had a chance to pick up CAN'T LET GO, book #1.5 in the Love in the Balance series. So far the feedback has been...interesting. *hides* I promise -- PROMISE -- Hard to Handle will deliver the ending you want. :-D  *pats fans nicely and backs away*

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I've been toiling away at Landon and Kimber's story. The Millionaire Affair isn't coming out until 2014, but you can already pre-order it! (CLICK HERE TO SEE WHERE.) Do we plan ahead in this industry, or what? Writing this book has been a wild ride (read: pain in the keister) and finding out who these two are and what buttons to push an absolute treat (read: has made me bang my head into a door repeatedly). Uncovering what makes them tick has been fun. What's that? An excerpt?! That's ridiculous! It's not even been through edits yet! It's not out for MONTHS!  8-O 

FINE. :twisted:

One line. Or a few. BUT THAT'S IT. :roll:

The clearing of a throat had Kimber spinning around. Landon stood in the doorway, briefcase in hand, one eyebrow cocked over the rim of his glasses. Unlike the Landon in her mind’s eye, this Landon was infinitely hotter. And real.


She could listen to him say her name on a loop. The way his tongue kicked out the “K” sound, the way his lips pursed for the “b”, the way his mouth held the “r” for a beat.

“Hi.” She licked her lips, fervently trying to recall if she’d spoken her thoughts aloud while encroaching on his private space. Geez. What had she said? “Sorry, I was just…” she gestured nervously at nothing in particular, unable to fill in the blank at the end of her incomplete sentence.



I...oh, man. I can't say anything about that yet... *sobs* But...uh...have this gif instead. So there is that. MM900283631


What about you? What have you been up to?
What do you think of Landon & Kimber?
Any secrets you can't tell me today?

(C'mon, tease me. I deserve it.) :oops:

~Jess :)