Teaser #2

Happy Teaser Tuesday! 

I have a second teaser from Hard to Handle...if you can handle it. *elbow*


You know what that means, right? We are just ONE WEEK away from release day! WOOT!

Blog tour dates will be posted SOON, so be sure and check back for where to find me during the week of 9/30.

Here's your teaser!

hardtohandle_amazon_updateSadie…” But her fingers moving away from the bandage to draw a long, slow line down his back made him forget what he was going to say. She was following the trail of his scar, he guessed. Most of it was numb from the nerve damage, but then, she knew that already.

She’d touched him like this before, the morning he’d woken next to her. The morning he left to pick up breakfast to keep himself from begging her to make love to him. He didn’t think he’d ever wanted someone as badly as he wanted Sadie.

He still wanted her.

Her fingertips veered to his side, probably tracing one of the thorny branches of the tattoo wrapping around to his back.

“When did you get this?” she asked quietly.

“A couple of months ago.”

Her fingers continued down his ribs. “Can I see it?” She sounded pained to ask.


Can you stand it???

The wait is almost over! SIX MORE DAYS!

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Jess  8-)