Teaser Tuesday: BHtBB

Happy Teaser Tuesday!

Here's a snippet from #BringingHometheBadBoy (January 2015)


I’m coming, too. Help me up.” Charlie held out a hand and he reached for her palm and pulled her up. She stooimaged gracefully, coming to his shoulders, andtipped her head. In the breeze, her fair hair blew, and the warmth of her fingers wrapped around his made his head swim the slightest bit.

“Thanks,” she breathed.

“Welcome,” he said, amused when his voice came out in a growl. His next words didn’t stay in his mouth. “Packing a lot of heat there, Ace.”
His gaze trickled down to her breasts, bursting out of her bikini top. When he reached her face, he saw that her eyebrows had closed in slightly. 

“Thought you were some hot local chick. I came down here to ask you on a date.”

She blinked at him, big hazel eyes going bigger.

Now that he considered it, he realized she was a hot local chick. Charlie and hot hadn’t exactly been synonyms in his mind. Until now.

Her laugh didn’t sound a hundred percent genuine, and he guessed the reason was shock over hearing he saw her as a hot chick. Couldn’t be helped. He’d never seen her this undressed before.

More’s the pity.


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