The Blog Tour through 6/30!

TMA Blog Tour graphicThe blog tour continues until (my birthday!) Monday, June 30.  I know that was a shameless mention, but I think it's just so super cool to have a book out so close to my date of birth. ;-)

Here are the rest of the visits Landon and Kimber will be making.

June 26: DVD/TMA Giveaway!

Swanagenl15's Book Review EXCLUSIVE! Top 5 List & a DVD/TMA GIVEAWAY!

June 27:

Mary Gramlich MAN OF STEEL DVD & TMA Giveaway!

Inner Goddess How to Marry a Millionaire DVD & TMA Giveaway!

June 28:

The Book Cellar

Em & M Books EXCLUSIVE! Who are my favorite "dirty talkers"? And who are yours?

June 29:

 Ramblings From This Chick - EXCLUSIVE! Interview and DVD/TMA Giveaway!

 Always YA at Heart- DVD/TMA Giveaway!

June 30:

A Bookish Escape- Love what she does with the title of the book, here! :)

Romance Rewind - DVD/TMA Giveaway!