The Chimp Connection

Today, I received the most thoughtful package from a reader named Traci in Florida!


She plied me with my favorite chocolates (always wise), and told me all about the foundation she works for called Save the Chimps (you can check it out for yourself on, and shared some photos and all the fantastic work they are doing for rescued chimpanzees. 


Anyone who knows me knows how much I love animals.

Traci, you and I are kindred spirits. :)


She found out about me via Lori Foster's Facebook page and read Tempting the Billionaire. In the handwritten note she enclosed, she shared that she had a special connection with the See No Evil/Hear No Evil/Speak No Evil figurines Crickitt collected. Which gave me an excuse to look up that part of the book and reread.



She placed Speak No Evil next to his counterparts, where he sat a full inch taller than the other two, his painted fur black instead of brown.

“Not perfect, I guess,” Shane muttered just over her ear. She jumped, having no idea he was standing so close. He reached out and turned the collectible so that he lined up with the others. “I was thinking about what you said about how even though the set wasn’t perfect”—he paused to face her, assaulting her with his closeness—“it was still worth keeping. And I was hoping…”

Oh, my gosh.

“That might apply to me as well.”



Aww! Thanks again, Traci, for the greetings, the chocolates, and sharing such an important part of your life with me. I'm thrilled that part of Tempting the Billionaire touched you. It was a very fun scene to write.

~Jess :)