The Saddest Valentine's Day Post EVER

Once upon a time when little Jessica was in the 2nd grade...

There were two classrooms separated by an accordion divider. Each room had its own teacher. This Valentine's Day we decorated lunch sacks and hung them up in for our classmates to fill with valentines addressed to us.

There was only one problem. I had a VERY SPECIAL VALENTINE...addressed to a boy in the OTHER classroom.

So I (bravely) asked my teacher if I could deliver the valentine before class started and she said I could. When I arrived next door, however, everyone had already sat down. They were at attention, all eyes on me when I walked in.

And the lunch sacks were hanging on the bulletin board in the front of the room.

Did I run? Heck no! Love cannot be stopped by timely classrooms!!! I perservered!

Quickly, I scanned the bulletin board in search of the Boy I Loved and found him…on the top row.

(You know where this is going, right?)

I reached.

I stretched.

I summoned my inner Inspector Gadget arm…

The entire class could see me struggling (and failing) to deposit the valentine in the bag. Including the Boy I Loved. But someone came to my rescue.

My best friend, Misty.

She was taller than me, after all. She took it, slid it into Boy I Loved's bag, and then I slunk back to whence I came.

My love would go unrequited for the next four years.

broken heart



What about you? Do you have any embarrassing Valentine’s Day stories to share?



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