The SHINY is Coming!

The Shiny is coming! The Shiny is coming!

After spending the last *does math* TEN YEARS with my Dell PC, I'm finally converting over to Mac. Like, all the way. It's true, my dad bought me a MacAir and thus fueled the fire of obsession for Macs, but my lustmongering started way back when I was in graphic design school about a dozen years... *cough* a few years back.

imageBut now?

Now that my Dell is dying, and the hubs' Dell is dying, we decided to go all in and get an iMac (desktop). I hope it's as magical as it seems. I know, I know, nothing is perfect. And even my MacAir has had its little glitches. But let's just all have happy thoughts and good vibes that I can get through this transition and write lovely books on my sleek new toy, yes?

It's due to arrive TODAY!!! who's gonna set all that up for me?  



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