They Say It's Your Birthday!

Well, it was my birthday, anyway on the very last day of June.  :mrgreen:

I've never  been on a book deadline over my birthday before. It was...challenging. But I survived my thirty-eigh--erm--twenty-ninth birthday just fine.  :oops:

Here's a bday survival kit in case you have one coming up.

Step 1: Find your favorite new obsession in the party supply section of Target. Mine? Man of Steel, but of course! 

photo (5)


Step 2: Have the party at your house and make your family come over. 

photo (1)

Step 3: Make sure your family is the type who doesn't mind looking silly.

photo (2)

Over and  over...

photo (3)

And over...

photo (4)

What's your secret to staying youthful?

Jess :-)