Throwback Thursday: A Little Sap

TemptingMMcoverWith Tempting the Billionaire's paperback (mass market) release coming on Tuesday, I couldn't reisist sharing this (slightly sappy, but very true) post.

I originally posted this on my Facebook page on 11/22/12. 

Happy Thanksgiving! I am grateful for SO much. Tempting the Billionaire isn't just a book to me, it's a symbol of three years of writing and believing against all odds.

Of striving and dreaming my heart out when I had no idea what outcome awaited me, or how long the journey would take. It's the culmination of years upon years of stumbling through work that didn't fit me, of hitting walls, of being devastated at times, ambivalent at others.

It represents a time when I knew I wanted to do creative work but had no idea what to do about it. It's God giving me a wink and a nod for being faithful and never giving up. This year has been sprinkled with magic. I'm not entirely sure I deserve it, but I'm doing my best to honor it; to preserve this feeling of excitement. Of achievement. Of sheer and utter joy.

May you be grateful for much today. There is much to be grateful for. ♥