What am I doing?

No, really. 

Most days, I'm zipping around the interwebs, writing, and generally getting a lot of things done. Then MONDAY happened and I'm so far off my routine, I find myself looking at the clock at 4 p.m. and asking, "What am I doing?"


After a coffee break with my favorite "trust the process" mug, I think I realize what I've been doing.


Only, to the naked eye one may think I'm simply scouting the internet for pretty tracking forms and planner inserts. Or talking on Twitter about how I had to call my bank re: fraudulent charges to my account because some thief/thieves decided to rake money out of my account. THANKS, JERKS, for that lost hour + of my life. (The thieves, not the bank--the bank was lovely about it.) I also attempted to make my own Blog planning form to no avail.

I guess I should get some words down, yes? I mean, words other than the ones in this blog. You guys don't want any more books SOON do you? Wait...do you? I hope so...


...right after I tweak this form one final time.

~Jess  :roll: