What I'm Reading: A Shot of Sultry

A Shot of Sultry (Sultry Springs, #2)A Shot of Sultry by Macy Beckett
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If you'd like a pair of dimples you could dive into, a strong back you could cling onto, and confidence bordering on conceit, you will love Trey Lewis as much as I did!

The second installment of Macy Beckett's Sultry Springs series is even sultrier than the last. Bobbi is a unique heroine who I enjoyed getting to know, and her sidekicks Bong and Weezus are charming in their own hilarious way. Trey's profession near the end is one I'll remember always, and had me dragging a sigh all the way up from the soles of my shoes.

Already Jonesin' for book #3...or should I say "Johnson"...darn it, Trey! You've infected my mind...
A Shot of Sultry


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