What I'm Reading: Part Time Cowboy

Part Time Cowboy (Copper Ridge, #1)Part Time Cowboy by Maisey Yates
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was granted an early read of Part Time Cowboy by the ever-lovely and hilarious Maisey Yates and... oh, man. You guys. I loved this book so hard, it's embarrassing. Seriously. The town is alive, and the Garretts will absolutely snag your heart. I understood Eli, and the pressure he put on himself. I understood Sadie, and why this man, above all others was the only one to heal her heart. The landscape was beautiful, making me want to visit Oregon. I absolutely can't wait to read Connor's book, even though I know he's going to rip my heart to shreds. (I'm a masochist in that way.) At the end of Part Time Cowboy, Sadie and Eli both sent me to tears, too. Plenty of emotion, heat, and plenty of one-liners that will having you laughing out loud. Put this on your TBR list. Pre-order it.

I'll read it again, mark my words.

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