What I'm Reading: Ruthie Knox

After turning in a round of edits for Hard to HandleI decided to reward myself and read. But what??? I tend to choose my books based on how I "feel" at the time. This time was no exception. I sifted through my Kindle of unread books and stumbled  across one I'd forgotten I purchased: Ruthie Knox's Along Came Trouble.

Along Came Trouble

Perfect, I thought. I could use a dose of real-life, wit, and laughter.

I'd only read one Ruthie Knox book before this one, How to Misbehave, the novella that preceded ACT, so I knew I liked her voice and was ready to settle in for a longer ride. Was it ever worth it! Caleb has his hands full with feisty Ellen, whose brother happens to be as famous as Justin Timberlake. Ellen doesn't want her peaceful life disturbed, but Caleb was hired to keep her and her son safe from the roving reporters and paparazzi. It was inventive, and yeah, frustrating, and sexy as heck. 

Five stars! MM900284081

Flirting with Disaster

After I finished, I wanted more. I wanted to see what would happen between gruff Sean (who works with Caleb) and Caleb's younger sister Katie. What's more, I had read  that Sean was a stuttering hero, and since I have a manuscript of my own buried in the depths about a stuttering hero, I wanted to see just how Ruthie would pull off Flirting with Disaster.

OMG.  8-O

Sean is vulnerable and sexy and amazing and funny and so troubled and wounded. I was in love with him almost immediately. What's more was that Katie was the first heroine I've loved in a long, long, long time. Heroes take center stage in most of the books I read, and in romance, sometimes you feel as if the heroine is there to shove the hero around until he comes to his epiphany. But Katie is so relatable. She feels like she should have had her crap together by now, but doesn't. She doesn't understand why Sean won't talk to her at first, then when she realizes it's because he stutters around her, and she overanalyzes her reaction. She says things she doesn't mean to. She fumbles her way through her job her brother has given her.

She's real, people.

And I think she might be me.  :oops: :lol:

In a nutshell, Flirting would have gotten ten stars...MM900284081MM900284081

...if there was such a thing. I laughed out LOUD. I highlighted every other line. The sex scenes were clumsy but romantic. And Sean? He'll break your heart and snag it simultaneously. One side note: you'll have to slow yourself down to read Sean's sssstutter, bec-cause it does put a few stuh-starts and stops into the story. But it forced me to feel his frustration. I'm not sure if that bit of genius was intentional on Ruthie's part or not, but I LIKED IT.

So...have you read Ruthie Knox yet?