What I'm Reading Wednesday...on Thursday

If December were a cage match, then Christmas is the opponent in the ring outweighing me by fifty pounds of solid steel.  :-(

Is anyone else having this kind of month? Ever since Thanksgiving, I swear I cannot get a handle on things. (The title alone should be proof of this.) It's enough to make a girl curl into a ball and do nothing but read. So that's what I did. :-P And let me tell you, it's an eclectic mix.

This month, I plowed through:

Falling for the CEO: the perfect Christmas short!

falling for the ceo

To Sin with a Viking: historical; a Viking taken hostage by starving villager.

To sin w a viking

Best Laid Plans: sexytimes abound (and abound and abound) in this book about revenge and letting go of the past.

the best laid plans

Surrender to Sultry: book 3 in Macy Beckett's Sultry series - the town wildcat and the preacher's daughter - one of the most heartfelt, emotional books I've ever read. Get your tissues ready!

surrender to sultry

What about you?

Reading anything good?

Oh, and by the way, I had a Tempting sighting yesterday. Looks like there are only two left at my local B&N. Have you seen it while you were out and about shopping?


~Jess :)