What I'm Reading Wednesday: My own edits!

Like reunion stories?


I wanted to share one of my favorite parts from Rescuing the Bad Boy. I know you will have to wait until May to get Donovan's book, but I don't see any harm in a sneak peek, do you?

In this scene, Donovan has just saved Sofie from an unsavory character at the bar…

She allowed her eyes to graze him from head to toe. He looked good leaning, his elbows on the bar, battered black boots hooked on the bottom rung of the stool. He was in black tonight – black jeans, snug black tee outlining impressive biceps. Ink tracked up both arms. Years ago, he had a black leather jacket. She wondered if he still did.

"Not going to be able to stay away from you now," he said, his voice low. Her heart kicked up a notch. "You have horrible taste in men." His full lips twitched at the corner as another smile curved his mouth.

Preorder here: www.jessicalemmon.com/book-2

What do you think? 

~Jess :)