What I'm Watching: The Walking Dead

twd 3.24.13

Don't worry, NO SPOILERS HERE!

If you're not up to date from Sunday's *almost very last episode* of The Walking Dead, I promise not to ruin it for you. (I make no promises on the comments on this page...those people have minds of their own.) :twisted:  Also: GET ON IT! How could you have missed this episode?!

The last three shows have been incredible and memorable, and this one was no exception. My only gripe? Last week, they left us with Andrea in a precarious (and terrifying) position, and this week, we didn't get an Andrea update AT ALL!!!

I'm dying! DYING I TELL YOU!  8-O

I hope it's because they've saved the best for last.

What do YOU want to happen in the last episode? GO!

~Jess :)