"What I'm..." Wednesday

It's "What I'm..." Wednesday! The day of the week where I tell you what I've been reading/watching/writing whether you want to hear about it or not!  :lol: 

What I've Been Reading:

  • thestoryguyFifth Grave Past The Light by Darynda Jones ~ if you're a fan of Darynda's Charley Davidson series, this one will not disappoint. More Reyes! (SO much more!), More Myths Debunked! (Thanks Swopes!), and More Secrets Yet To Be Revealed! I can't say enough about this series. I adore it.
  • The Story Guy by Mary Ann Rivers ~ a debut novella that has taken Twitter by storm. I'm finding I'm a fan of "raw" storytelling. (Think Ruthie Knox.) The author doesn't close the door or hold back in any way, shape, or fashion. You are *in* this relationship as much as the Hero & Heroine. With its unique concept, beautiful prose, and jam-packed story into a tight little package, The Story Guy was a quick, satisfying read. 

What I've Been Watching:

  • NorangeisthenewblackOT SharkNado. Though, it is on my DVR. I can't seem to find the time for this foolishness, much as it intrigues me.  :roll:
  • Orange is the New Black on Netflix ~ I'm not 100% certain why I'm watching this show. The gross-out factor is high and the women's prison theme makes my claustrophobia come out to play. But the characters are intriguing and when I can't focus enough to write or read, this is what I'm watching.
  • Dexter on Showtime ~ Liking this season a lot. Even though I feel like the writers created a whole plot and are carefully puttying in the holes to match previous seasons...but I love Dexter. I can't quit him.
  • True Blood on HBO ~ Oh, it is ON. I thought I was tired of watching this but I've been roped back in. A satisfying season, and a satisfying new (handsome) face for Sookie to fall for. And...he's a fae/vampire. WHUUUTT??

What I've Been Writing:TheMIllionaireAffair

  • After all those cuh-razy deadlines, I've begun working on the third Love in the Balance book, The Millionaire Affair. Landon is Aiden's oldest brother. He's a perfectionist who knows just what he wants...until our heroine enters the picture, then he's wanting more than he ever has before... (don't you love how those heroines knock the heroes off-kilter?)


Whatcha been Reading/Watching/Writing?