Why "Scampi?"

There are mixed reviews about my latest heroine's nickname.

Some of you think it's adorable (you're right, it is :mrgreen: ), and others...not so much. I thought I'd tell you a little backstory about how I arrived at this idea.

RescuingtheBadBoyFor those of you who don't know, the book's hero, Donovan teasingly (and affectionately) refers to Sofie as "Scampi" after she puts him in the weeds (crazy busy) behind saute when they worked at the Wharf (restaurant) together. As a former server who had given and taken hell from kitchen staff for almost three years, I can tell you, this nickname thing?

Totally happens.  8-) 

The kitchen of Outback Steakhouse was a lot like a zoo. We had a guy who called everyone "dog" and therefore, his own nickname became Dog. Then the other guy who worked with him who had less height was therefore known as Short Dog. Not to be outdone, we also had a busboy named Horse for the size of his teeth (admittedly, not very nice), and a guy nicknamed Fish (don't ask). The manager? Chicken. Yes, to his face.

Our proprietor who was like a father to us became known as Papa Smurf, a petite girl, one of my besties, was Smurfette. I heralded a brief nickname of "Freckles" when the summer sun brought out the speckles on my cheeks.

And these nicknames went on our receipts instead of our names.  :oops: 

Love it or not, Scampi's nickname came honestly, and yes, those nicknames stick. FOREVER. So the fact that Donovan calls Sofie "Scampi" seven years later isn't an exaggeration. Heck, it's been over 15 years since my husband and I worked at Outback, but when a friend's birthday came up on Facebook, Mr. Lemmony made sure to give a shout-out (appropriately) that read: "Happy Birthday, Schmoe!" (not his real name)

Okay, hit me with your former/current nicknames! If there is a story behind it, all the better.

~Jess :-)