You Can Quote Me On That

Today, I'm having a Quote Party for Tempting the Billionaire!

To play along on Facebook, simply "like" or comment with a favorite line of your own from the book. 

To play along on Twitter, follow the #TemptingtheBillionaire or #TtB hashtags.

Here are a few:

"Pretty" was a gross understatement. Sunsets were pretty. Horses, pretty. Crickitt was gorgeous.


"What's wrong?" Crickitt asked. He jerked at the sound of her voice, guilty of being caught ogling his almost-new hire. 


She's your employee, came the terse reminder. That's all she would be. That's all she COULD be. #TemptingtheBillionaire


"You're stunning." Stunning? She blinked up at him as if he'd spoken a word outside her native tongue. Had Ronald ever  accused her of being “stunning”? Had anyone? 


SHANE: Crickitt kissed me.
AIDEN: No sh*t? When? Why?
SHANE: Last Friday. And what do you mean why?"