Your 2014 {EASY} To Do List


Happy 2014!!! What did you do last night? Drink champagne? Kiss someone at Midnight? Pass out in a stranger's yard with a lampshade on your head? 

Hey. To each their own.

To celebrate the new year, I have a to-do list for you. Ready?

1) Buy IF YOU DARE for 99 cents. Already buy it? Read it. Already read it? Review it! 

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If You Dare 99sale

2) Eat a cookie or three. Hey, reading is an accomplishment. Help yourself.

3) Visit me over at Hot WIPs & Sassy Chicks today where I'm talking about the year that was 2013!

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Now that you've checked off my list, you can have a nap. 

Okay, seriously. Tell me what you did last night. It was the lampshade-yard thing, right?

~Jess :D