2018 Release Schedule

With Christmas right around the corner, my attention has turned to the end of the year and goal-setting for the next. I'm filling out my Powersheets book (think goal-setting on steroids) and focusing on the year to come. Who's with me on wondering where the heck 2017 went?!

I am looking forward to 2018 releases... 6 of them! Here's what you can expect in the year to come: 



Man Candy comes out in less than a MONTH! This trapped-in-Tennessee during a flood turns a one-night stand into a steamy 2-week relationship for Dax and Becca. Here's what Publishers Weekly had to say:

Wanderer Becca Stone, the heroine in Lemmon’s sassy third Real Love contemporary (after Arm Candy), finally has a reason to consider putting down roots after meeting Dax Vaughn, who owns a bar in Columbus, Ohio. Dax is grieving the recent death of his father and wants some alone time, but he’s more than willing to share one night of his two-week vacation with the witty, beautiful blonde who’s just been fired—for the umpteenth time—by her brother, the owner of the Grand Lark Retreat in Tennessee. Thunderstorms and flooding extend their intended one night of steamy sex into days of personal conversations and exquisite meals at the retreat. Dax sees a lot more in Becca than just a good time, so he offers her a job, but her fear of commitment—not to mention her brother’s offer to reinstate and promote her—leaves her not sure which path to take. Becca and Dax’s instant chemistry is enhanced by their growing emotional bond. Readers will want more of this charming couple.

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Print lovers rejoice! Lone Star Lovers begins a brand new series for Harlequin entitled Dallas Billionaires Club. Zachary Ferguson (of The Bastard Billionaire) and Penelope Brand (of The Billionaire Bachelor) meet again after believing they'd never see each other again. In the course of the first chapter, Zach announces that Penelope is his fiancee and she's forced to keep up the ruse. Too fun! An extended sneak peek will be published in Brenda Jackson's Best Laid Plans at the end of February. 

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Rumor Has It's hero, the Bad Boy of the NFL himself: Barrett Fox in Man Candy since he's friends with Dax. This book is a riff on How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and along with being banter-ific and funny, is also super sexy.

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A Snowbound Scandal, Book 2 in the Dallas Billionaires Club, revolves around Zachary's older brother, Chase Ferguson who is the mayor of Dallas. Tropes for this one include: Snowed in, reunion with a past love, and opposites attract.

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Rumor Has It was more than just a cameo! Burke stars in his own story, a tale of high school sweethearts who split up and the heroine went off and got famous. (eek!)

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BOOK 3 in the Dallas Billionaires Club has a female billionaire at the lead. Tropes for the Ferguson sister include: marriage of convenience, Christmas, and older brother's best friend. 

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