A New Erin Condren Planner?!

If you're a Lemmon 15 subscriber, you already know I ordered a *brand spanking new* Erin Condren planner... before the year was up. ðŸ˜¬

I wasn't going to. I was going to wait.

In spite of them offering this hardbound version as an 8x10 book.


In spite of the fact that they were offering a free turquoise notebook if you ordered quickly.


What ultimately prompted my impatience to order the hardbound planner when I would be leaving behind the rest of my coiled planner (that I love, truly)?

The new hardbound books start in July and go through June the next year.

I had no choice really.

(Also, these fell into my online shopping cart.)


(And EC threw these in for free because she knows us planner nerds love anything with sticky backing.)

That's all the news I have for you until it arrives.

Until then, I'll just keep checking my order status.

Totally jells? You can order your own Erin Condren planner and get $10 off your first order by clicking



It's an affiliate link so EC gives me a $10 credit toward a future planner purchase.

Or blankets.

Wall art.

Flip flops.

They have everything, man. ðŸ˜Ž