Do You Like Challenges?

Originally posted in the July 2017 Lemmon 15.


This month, the hubs and I are embarking on a "No Buy July" which is a fancy little way for me to say that we're not buying anything that's not necessary. Food? Yes. Gas for the car? Yes. That golf club for him and new pair of shoes for me? Not so much. We decided that as much as we love Amazon Prime, one-clicking orders might not be the best practice long-term. Suddenly we have all this "stuff" everywhere and our house and minds feel cluttered. Waiting is good. Knowing you don't really "need" much to be happy is good. So here we are, and yes, we survived Prime Day without purchasing a single, solitary item. It was refreshing! And as my husband says: we saved 100% on Prime Day.


Last September I purchased a 21-day wellness program by the name of Crazy Sexy You. It's a complete program with recipes, coaching, and motivational emails and I absolutely loved it! This year when it came time to renew, I did (at a discounted rate--woohoo!), but the program was set to start on July 3. I was coming off a weekend of hosting a get together with friends, and looking forward to lounging either in the lake or on my back patio with a glass of rosé or one of the husband's homemade brews. So I decided... to put it off. In general, I don't like to procrastinate. *But* there is a difference in putting off something you should be doing and rescheduling it because the timing is off. We have a July wedding to attend, RWA in Orlando at the end of the month, and several lakeside and family activities scheduled during the busy month of July. Most of it revolves around food and since the CSY program is food-focused, I didn't want to worry about cutting out alcohol, dairy, and gluten during a month where I'd be SURROUNDED by it. My point? Know thy strengths. I'm going to OWN this program when I do it in September. (You can check in on me as I whine my way through giving up coffee.)


I can hear some of you asking: "Why all the self-denial, Lemmon? Are you suddenly a masochist?" The answer is no. I am not a masochist. I've recently admitted to myself a truth that is not true for everyone: I love challenge. I always knew this, but admitting it was tough because I am a relator. If you are like, "Oh no! How could you give up coffee!" my knee-jerk reaction is to agree, saying, "I know! I'm dying!" Now, admittedly, giving up coffee is my least favorite thing to do. I also admit that I like to try different challenges: How many books can I write in a year? What's it like to eat vegan? Can I make cheese out of cashews? I like to push myself. I enjoy finding out what kind of tough stuff I'm made of. When I have a book deadline, I usually make up my own and set it ahead of the real deadline to see if I can finish early. Can I live without purchasing on Prime Day??? Yes. What if I can't have cheese for 21 days will I make it?! Most definitely. Challenges can teach you that you're a lot tougher than you thought. That you're abe to do all sorts of challenging tasks. It also fits into my personal motto of Work Hard, Play Hard. There is always an Achilles Heel, amirite? I started running a month or so ago. Only did it three times. Lately, my yoga game is WEAK. And I have been stuffing my face into potato chip bags lately. That's life, though. Achieve here, adjust there. If you're currently feeling challenged by life, could it be a good thing? I think maybe it could... lean in and get uncomfortable for a while. You'll be amazed at what you can pull off.


Jessica Lemmon